44 EZ Solutions to Stretch and Conserve Your Dollar

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Hello can you help me. Unfortunately, I gave them some personal information and now I am feeling off about the whole thing.

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If you can offer any advice no matter how brief would be helpful! Thank you so much for responding and giving me advice!!! In hindsight, I knew I should have researched it more instead of feeling pressured to give my personal information and data during the initial phone call. Thank you very much for the help! Any idea?

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I need help please! So I was uninformed and scammed. I actually had already completed my consolidation request through student loan. Gov after I graduated in December but I kept receiving letters from docuprep center in irvine california about helping me getting lower payments, so I decided to call and see what is about. I was naive and the guy on the phone convinced me that I needed him much like a tax service.

I signed forms about power of attorney and gave him my bank account info as well as drivers license and social security number. What do I do know now that I already signed forms? I had a bad feeling about it and decided to do my research. I have been stressed about my student loans and was one of the ones taken advantage of due to my lack of awareness unfortunately. I feel totally naive. The universities and the department of education definitely need to raise more awareness to students upon gradation about these scam companies and their repayment options.

Please I need advice! Thank you! Contact the company and let them know you want to cancel, including the POA. Let Great Lakes know this as well. What a wonderful service you are providing here! I have read a lot of the information on your blog and find it very useful. Or is that simply a scenario that is too good to be true?

That it is not possible or feasible for a company to offer lower rates than studentloans. Is this a dipstick to measure the possibility of a scam? There is no possible way that a private company can do anything for Federal loans beyond what you find on Studentloans.

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Finally, this only applies to Federal loans. You can negotiate private loans sometimes, and you can refinance private loans into new loans. I want to spread this site to everyone I know. You are helping solve a huge societal problem….

44 EZ Solutions to Stretch and Conserve Your Dollar

I hope you get a lot of motivation for your hard work from that. I have received a call from student advocates saying they can help me with my student loans. The said I would pay Is it possible for me to only pay of my in student loans and the rest be forgiven.? What should I do. It is still too much for me! But he supports me by paying the entire mortgage, and most of the bills, and he has his own student loans with Navient!

This all sounds great, and I can pay it! I need to ask my account manager about what would happen if I died, or something… and reread the documents.

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Do you think this is all a really bad idea? I just started a Mary Kay business which is going well, but I invested in it, so I have to pay off those expenses before really being able to use that money as income! If Navient says your husband income must be considered which they are correct since you filed jointly , anything the paperwork processing company submits will be incorrect.

How hard is that? I realized after they took the last payment towards that fee that I would have done this myself for free at Studentloans. I am so angry at myself for being scammed. Students are not informed that they can consolidate their loans by their own lender, so companies like SFHC prey on us. Do these companies legally have to tell you that you have that option?

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Can I file against them in small claims court? I called and told them I wanted to full refund and would report them to the Federal Trade Commission. They said the process is completed so I can not get my money back. I told them I would not sign anything Is there anything I can do???? Robert Farrington, thank you so much for this forum. I dealt with Student Aid Center just today. I was a little skeptical from the beginning simply because the presentation just sounded too good to be true. So I decided to do a little research for myself and landed here and also the better business bureau website.

Basically, it sounds like these are all paper pushers and are doing the exact thing that I can do myself. I usually stay on top of deferments and forbearance anyhow. I suggest people try to do the same and sip these scammers. Fortunately for me, I have not given m ss and other important information. But thanks to all for the heads up. He told me that I could get my debt consolidated through the Dept. The company is called Trinian Financial.

I asked him if I could just do this myself and he told me that The Dept. He never asked for my student loan pin or SS. He was speaking to me about the William D. Ford Act. Based on what you said in your comments, there are a lot of red flags. The fact that the person lied and intimidated you about your loan should be a red flag.

Literally all this company would do for you is file paperwork with the Department of Education!

police-risk-management.com/order/mobile/wakob-iphone-8-problemi.php If you have a concern about your loan repayment about, go to StudentLoans. Just received a text from saying I have been pre approved for student loan forgiveness and to call I called and it is National Student Aid Center. I only ask because my school was part of Corinthian colleges that just had a new thing passes for for profit colleges and you can get your loans forgiven due to the scam that they are.

They probably purchased your phone number and information from Corinthian college or another institution. I checked my loan balance and the was not taken off that. I emailed the BBB and have not gotten a response. It sounds like it could be a very misleading company. I was contacted by Student Advocates also.

They said that through the William D.

I have two loans right now, one consolidated subsidized and one consolidated unsubsidized.