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For the first time, drones have been allowed to fly inside Kakadu National Park in Australia. The resulting video is stunning. After this stage of pensive self-reflection, the trekkers usually go through an emotional stage in the final days, Messenger says. Milaudi, who has signed up again this year, agrees. She says during last year's walk she felt worn down by painful feet and ankles and wanted to reach the end as her parents were waiting to greet her. Kayla Milaudi, pictured, is about to set off on her second Larapinta Extreme Walk.

Women who are directly helped by the fund-raising effort greet them and a celebration and afternoon tea takes place. The station itself is particularly poignant as a tin dormitory on the property, dubbed the Bungalow, once housed Aboriginal children who had been forcibly removed from their families.

In it was home to over children. Mason describes how when the walkers make their way in to the Telegraph Station complex, the atmosphere is a celebratory one.

A year of the world's Best Beaches There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. The remoteness of the places in the Outback and the raw nature of such locations attract many adventurers and backpackers to explore them.

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The fauna of these places also lures many nature lovers to the Outback. Some of the most notable animals of the Australian Outback has been mentioned below. Kangaroos are the most commonly sighted animals in the Australian Outback. They are marsupials of the family Macropodidae. Kangaroos are found not only in the Outback but also throughout the country.


These animals are indigenous to Australia. Kangaroos are most noted for their characteristic leap on their large, powerful hind legs. A long muscular tail helps in maintaining balance during such movements.

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Like other marsupials, female kangaroos also have a pouch on their abdomen where their offsprings called joeys undergo postnatal development. Kangaroos are well adapted to survive the dry environments of the Australian Outback.


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For example, a female kangaroo can freeze the development of her fertilized embryos until the joey in her pouch is fully developed and ready to leave her for an independent life. The fast leaping movement of the kangaroo also allows it to travel long distances in a short time in search of food in the extreme environments of the Outback. The Outback is rich in lizard diversity. The large Australian monitor called the sand goanna is one such species.

It is a ground-dwelling lizard found in grasslands and woodlands of northern and eastern Australia. It is a diurnal species that prey on mice, insects, snakes, birds, and also consumes carrion. Perhaps the biggest danger lurking in the Australian Outback is its venomous reptilian residents. Several species of venomous snakes like the common death adder, desert death adder, red-naped snake, orange-naped snake, mulga snake, dugite, curl snake, speckled brown snake, and others call the Outback their home.

Many of these snakes have venom potent enough to kill an adult human being within minutes. These snakes feed on the small mammals, birds, insects, and other reptilians found in their habitat. It is estimated that a single bite of this snake can kill adult men. Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Follow DailyMirror. More On House prices Australia.

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10 Things You Learn When You Live In Outback Australia

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