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Overbought markets "tend to get hit with sell-offs, especially when we're being flooded with shoddy IPOs," Jim Cramer says. Oracle said on Friday that earlier this year it invested in Ampere Computing, and that it's a customer of the chipmaker. Tesla must reimburse workers after unfairly preventing employees from unionizing, a judge ruled in a National Labor Relations Board complaint Friday, Bloomberg reported.

The third quarter wraps up in the week ahead with stocks just slightly higher, after a summer of zigzag moves.

Dynamic currency linkages between select emerging market economies: An empirical study

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The formal designation came a day after China allowed its currency to breach a psychologically important level, with the yuan falling to 7 against the dollar on Monday — the first time since that's happened. The world's two largest economies are locked in a prolonged trade war that has dragged on for more than a year.

Both countries have slapped additional tariffs on each other's goods worth billions of dollars, and the escalating tensions have spooked markets and hurt global economic growth outlook.

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Roach said that politics have gotten "in the way of objective analysis in the Trump administration. Treasury has been," he said. Strategists have said that one of the ideas discussed at the White House last month was the possibility of the U. Roach, however, said that will not work unless there is a "grand coalition of other countries that would join with the U. With the bulk of the Chinese yuan move concentrated against the dollar on a trade-weighted basis, there's "no pressure elsewhere in the world that would lead to the creation of this coalition of the willing to gang up on China to force a different level of currency," he said.

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Listen to The Journal. More Top News. Business and Finance. The foreign exchange market is not located at a specific location and does not have fixed trading hours, making it a h worldwide trading system and making it an over-the-counter market. The foreign exchange regime has evolved over the past century from the beginning with the gold standard in the early twentieth century to the Bretton Woods system after World War II which created a pegged system.

Only in the last quarter of the century, most of the currencies of the world moved to floating exchange rates that provided free market conditions. The economics of exchange rates, Cambridge University Press pp. Exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices. K: Northhampton, Mass.

A Foreign Exchange Primer. In A Foreign Exchange Primer.

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They have given insights into the evolution of international financial systems and also helped in understanding the links between exchange rate determination and domestic inflation, real exchange rate and interest rate and also co-variability of exchange rates and commodity prices. In the last decade of the twentieth century, a large number of emerging economies chose to liberalize their capital account, which was supported by technological innovations that made inter-country capital transactions much smoother and quicker.

This, however, paved a way for speculators to trade in individual currency pairs, thus increasing the volume of transactions enormously and also the frequency of currency crisis. Almost by definition, foreign exchange markets are the centre of transmission of shocks and crises internationally. For international investors, the foreign exchange spot and derivative markets connect money, bond and stock markets in different countries. Benchmark performance of investors in their respective domestic currency can change drastically though even local performance of a foreign investment may not have an effect on it.

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Misalignments of exchange rates are also observed in market economies, which may add bias to investment performance from the view of a foreign investor or sudden fluctuations in exchange rates causing losses. Hence, foreign exchange besides being an important segment of the financial market system also acts as a vital link of the real and financial economy. Foreign exchange plays a key role in economic, trade as well as market integration.

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Economic integration is generally based on business cooperation among neighbouring nations or nations in the same continent that are mostly referred to as natural partners. Transaction costs in all financial markets have been reduced over the past decade by technological progress that has paved the way for intercontinental integration in the current era of globalization Sperlich, Sperlich, Yvonne. Economic integration is one of the results of globalization.

Economic and trade integration should generally precede financial integration. Evidence of financially integrated markets is thus important. Economic integration can be studied in terms of real GDP linkages, policy coordination, etc. However, in this article, we evaluate it using inter-country linkages in the currency market.

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Currency linkages also account for financial integration as they impact international portfolio flows. Businesses involved in foreign exchange transactions may benefit by tracking short-term foreign exchange movements and their linkages with other currencies. Purchasing power parity theory and International Fisher Effect suggests that a country with a relatively higher interest rate will experience depreciation of home currency as high nominal interest rates may reflect expected inflation. Currency is not only a market in itself, but also a major link between trade and economics.

Currency itself is an asset and a unit of trade that acts as an interface. Sehgal, Pandey, and Diesting Sehgal, S. Examining dynamic currency linkages amongst South Asian economies: An empirical study. Research in International Business and Finance , 42, — Dbrowski et al. The global financial crisis and its impact on emerging-market economies : Causes, consequences. Rapporty Case Report, They have found some fundamental factors of currency crises: current account deficits, fiscal imbalances, currency overvaluation, structural weaknesses in financial architecture, specific exchange rate regimes and political instability and the like.

Owing to the above-mentioned factors, the emerging markets of the world have experienced several currency crises, seeing the value of their currencies erode. To name a few, Mexican peso crisis , Brazilian real crisis , Russian ruble fall —, Venezuela bolivar crisis fall and Argentina peso crisis have had long-lasting impact on the economy of the respective countries.

There have been studies to analyse linkages in currency markets among regional groups as well as geographically dispersed markets. These studies also identify the determinants of such currency market interactions.


The effects of currency fluctuations and trade integration on industry trade between Canada and Mexico. Research in Economics , 64 4 , — Dynamic currency linkages and its determinants: An empirical study for East Asian economic community region. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. Feasibility of a currency union in East Asia using the five-variable structural vector autoregressive model.

Economic Analysis and Policy , 52, 45 — Dynamic spillover effects in futures markets: UK and US evidence. International Review of Financial Analysis , 48, — Asymmetric volatility connectedness on the forex market. Journal of International Money and Finance , 77, 39 — Journal of Quantitative Economics , 12, 1. Research in International Business and Finance , 41, 28 — Emerging market currency exposure: Taiwan.

Journal of Multinational Financial Management , 28, 47 — While there has been considerable literature to assess the closely integrated European Union having a common currency, there have been only a few studies to assess currency market linkages in BRIC and other emerging economies. BRICS in some manner rescued some of the advanced economies of the world in Europe, USA and Japan that were trembling due to fiscal mismanagement and overspending and were entirely dependent being a consumer-driven economy.

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