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Cancel X. Failed to download configuration files from Bungie servers. Has anyone got any ColdHeart codes? Why is the game taking so long to download? Do you lose the weekly bonus points by leaving quickplay games? You now have the ability to accept an Answer as the correct Answer for any Question. You have regained your Guardian abilities at this point, but you're the only one. So it's up to you to gather together the old leaders of the Tower for one last mission, a desperate gambit to retake the last city and recapture the old glory for everyone else.

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When you find her, she's meditating and on the brink of despair. She laments that she had centuries worth of lives to spend protecting the galaxy, trying to understand it—but instead she spent all that time, all those resurrections, locked away in the Tower, playing mission control and librarian to a society that's now been all but destroyed. Now, Ikora Rey has only one life left to live, and she doesn't know what to do with it.

A character formerly known only for giving quests and spouting cryptic sayings is having an existential crisis.

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Destiny 2 has learned what it is to be afraid of death. This fear quietly permeates the entire narrative arc, which takes the player from level 1 to level 20, where begins what enthusiasts call the "endgame": a repeatable, more difficult set of tasks established for players in massively multiplayer games to acquire rewards and generally entertain themselves after all the new stuff has been seen. This early game, entirely distinct and self-contained, seems to be asking itself why. Why the loot grind, why the repetitive progression—why Destiny , essentially?

What does any of it mean in a world where death is real, and out there, and waiting for us? It's a question every player who bounced off the original game asked, and even quite a few who enjoyed it. Is there a point to all this?


You can take that question pretty far, ride it straight down the road to nihilism, cigarettes, and black berets. But it's an important question to level at our entertainment, at our jobs, at all the things that take up our time: how do we make the world into something that matters to us in the short time we have?

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In light of this question, the climactic moments of Destiny 2 's story crackle with a new vitality. As the lone Guardian with special abilities to speak of, you become the sole hope of a generation of people staring death in the eye for the first time. You take risks they can't, shooting through an army of evil space moles I mean, it is still a videogame here in the name of people who are risking everything to support you.

It even has quiet grace notes, a reconciliation between the formerly immortal Guardians and the normal humans who have always lived beneath their rule.

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Everyone brought together in recognition of the most universal human experience imaginable. Seeing the risk, and deciding to fight anyway. And Destiny 2 continues that way, taking that emotional core, along with a renewed focus on a series of places that feel real, to hit highs it's never managed to get anywhere close to before.

Until it doesn't. We assume if you have a certain number of quests or bounties in your inventory this will occur - a problem that we imagine a few long time Destiny 2 players will come across. Now with the In Search of Answers quest accepted, you can continue playing the Shadowkeep campaign. Festival of the Lost is here, so learn how to complete Master of Disguise to get the Braytech Werewolf before it ends.

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We've also seen the recent arrival of the Garden of Salvation raid challenges. Elsewhere in Year 3 we've seen the launch of Shadowkeep and New Light content.

You can learn more about one of the major new features Armor 2. There are also several new weapon quests, including the Deathbringer quest , Divinity quest , Leviathan's Breath quest and Xenophage quest.

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