He Speaks to Me: Preparing to Hear the Voice of God

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If it helps, picture Jesus. Notice him smiling at you.

Synopsis of the Series

Welcoming you into his presence. Stay with it. God will not let you down.

Manouchka Charles — Hearing God's Voice: Conversations with God

You know God wants to speak to you. You know you can hear him. Enjoy the moment of quite until you do. Finally, write down any words, thoughts, impressions, or pictures you feel. Notice and notate the little nudges you are experiencing. Allow the Holy Spirit to say as little or as much as He wants to. What did you hear?

If you would like to share in the comments I love to hear about your experience.

3. Ponder the Word

Do you think this would be something you would like to incorporate in either your regular journal time or quite time? If you found this to be helpful to you please share it with others. Pin it. Share it on Facebook. Email to a friend. Or share it with your Journaling group. Never thought to ask…thank you Jammie! This topic is super-important! Thank you for addressing it…well done!

Prepare to Hear Whatever God Says

Out of everything I hope to share about Journaling, if I could only share one message this would be it. If you can connect to God, everything else in life lines up. Thank you for your encouragement. If that makes sense. I will definitely be incorporating this in my quiet times. Thanks again! God bless. Oh Sandra, my heart just leaped at your comment.

I know all we need is one word from God and it can touch us like nothing else. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for teaching me how to hear from God and that I am his forever. God Bless, Kathie C. Kathie, I am so humbled that this has helped you. One word from God can change your life forever. But what I try to encourage people to do is to use journaling as a written prayer time with God.

I also encourage completely honesty with the Lord. There is no need to filter your prayers because you are worried the devil will hear them, or now see your thoughts. When you talk to God about it and put it into His hands, He can work in your situation.


How to hear God through journaling - Journal Connection

Yes, I believe God answers silent prayers, but there is power in hearing yourself and writing out your prayers rather then just saying them in your head. From what we are told in scripture, Jesus prayed out loud. The disciples witnessed a number of His prayers and recognized He had power in out loud praying.

They asked Him to teach them how to pray as He did. Yes, the devil cannot read our minds, but he does know our actions and behaviors. I truly believe what is hidden in the dark and what you have to keep secret will not help you find freedom.

How to hear God through journaling

If you are struggling with negative thoughts Truth Journaling is very helpful. Check it out here. I also wrote a post about the right and wrong way of journaling. Another one that may be good is the 7 most effective tactics to journal effectively. Hope that helps you. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted by Jammie Black - 8 Comments. Is there something you need Him to tell you? Do you just want to hear His voice? Know He wants to speak to you. Know you can hear God.

Know how He speaks. God you are great! You are mighty! You are wonderful! There is no one like you! He knew what I needed to hear and how to say it. So how can I hear God through my journal?

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Step 1: Prepare Start by preparing yourself and the atmosphere. Step 3: Picture Imagine asking the question as if Jesus was right there in the room with you. Step 4: Ponder Listen and be still, waiting to be answered. Step 5: Pen it Write down whatever words, impressions, images, or nudges you felt. Now that you know… Are you ready to experience it yourself? Now stop and really listen the noises in the room. Relax with your eyes closed and listen for the next seconds. This communication should fill you with peace, not fear, anxiety, confusion or condemnation.

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  • Read the Word.
  • Christians should actively seek opportunities to tell others about what they are learning from and about God. If you do these 4 things every day, you will be in a good place to hear from God. You will have turned to the right channel, so to speak. God can speak to anyone, at any time or place. Yet God will not often speak with a person who is not ready to hear. Reading the Channel guide. God can use anything to communicate to a person who is ready to hear. Nonetheless, here are a few methods which God often uses. God will often speak to you from another friend or leader.

    This practice should not be confused with some kind of cosmic vending machine. Yet God promises that he will answer if you will pray and wait. His still small voice can be a thought in your mind, a clear and simple response to your prayers.