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Our faith is not some vague, theoretical hope. It is a commitment to the person of Jesus and it shapes our lives. Even so, she has cancer that can only be slowed down by current medical treatments, not cured. I have two friends who hoped I'd even say believed for a miracle right up until the deaths of their spouses, but neither refused medical care for them.

Hoping for a miracle does not preclude accepting medical treatment or palliative care.

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In the Biblical narrative, there are accounts of the Apostle Paul healing sick people in the name of Jesus, and in his letters he mentions miraculous healing several times and instructs sick people to seek prayer. However, he also wrote to a young leader he was mentoring with the following admonition: "Don't drink only water.

You ought to drink a little wine for the sake of your stomach because you are sick so often. So, steadfastly hoping for a miracle by no means equates to not accepting or even recommending medical care. The extent of the hope does not change that. However, the article seems to imply that too much belief in miracles is a dangerous thing. This inappropriate for at least two reasons. First, as I outlined above, that idea is unfounded at least from what might be termed a Biblical theological perspective. Secondly, the article seems to imply that miracles do not happen.

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While miracles are, by definition, out of the norm, the modern term "hope" is synonymous with wishful thinking. Faith is not wishful thinking. Over the last year, I have invested a lot and I mean a lot of time into investigating Christian healing.

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Consequently, I am aware of research in addition to that cited by the author. And my sense of insult extends beyond myself to the third of Americans whose person experience it denigrates. In recent years, the collection of documentation regarding miraculous healing specifically Christian healing has been profound.

At a scholarly level, I would cite the work of Dr. Craig S.

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  6. Religious preferences Submitted by Mary on December 15, - am. I was stunned. Responding to Mary Submitted by Andrew on October 25, - pm. My husband 37 years ago was in a serious semi-trailer accident fully loaded and should have been dead, but God had another purpose for him.

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    He is fully recovered and is able to walk just by believing he would be healed. My husband and me enjoy praying for others and have heard wonderful stories of their healing also. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was going along fine until, all of a sudden, I had a very intense, persistent fear that she would be born with spina bifida. I was not a praying person at the time, but I started praying and praying for her healing.

    She was born on April 9, , beautiful and healthy. I forgot about the whole thing until she had a urinary tract infection for some reason at 5 years. The urologist we saw took an x-ray and prescribed antibiotics. Before we left, he asked me to come back to his office a moment. You dodged a bullet. This is spina bifida occulta. It closed up before she was born. Later, he led me into healing ministry. Your email address will not be published.

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    Prayer God, thank you for miracles. Reflection Have you witnessed a miracle? March 31, at AM. Main content. Sorry, this episode is not currently available. I Believe in Miracles This World. Show more. Show less. Last on. Tue 8 May BBC Two Scotland.