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I Married a Communist was his only work that I was thoroughly disappinted in. If the next nine are not that good. The book was an irreverent and humorous portrait of Jewish-American life and it earned him a National Book Award. I memorized everything on the curriculum and its several syllabi because that was the way, then, to get the highest possible marks at high school.

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I was an ace in my studies as well as in baseball, even a home-run king back in the pee-wee baseball league. But I was no longer a bachelor, having got married in That same year I moved to Baffin Island to teach Inuit children.

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Since those late s Roth has become one of the most honoured authors of his generation. Smith Literary Award for the best book of the year.

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Since those late fifties and late sixties, I have become a successful, but quite ordinarily ordinary, teacher and lecturer of my generation. I have received no honours for my writing although, in the last three decades, I have written and published several million words.

My writing is also intensely autobiographical, but the main character in my writing is me and I do not blur the line between reality and fiction. I would like to think that, but I must leave such judgements to readers. And fame is not part of my story….. We go after reality in our own unique ways and I went after it in writing much later in life than you. I was just getting into my profession in my twenties and you were on your way to fame and glory. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Previous Next.

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      I like the way Philip Roth uses words. I'm often interested in the subject matter he chooses - in this case McCarthy-era America. I suspect our perspectives on the events he writes about are similar Smith Award for the Best Book of the Year, making Roth the first writer in the forty-six-year history of the prize to win it twice. Guy who expelled the Jews from Spain for Ferdinand and Isabella back in Yeah, you heard right, pal — When he meets Ira, he is swept away by this strong, glamorous man whose rage against injustice is unvanquishable.

      As Nathan grows up, however, he finds him less and less bearable. Ira may be a courageous idealist, but he is also a thug. For Nathan, political idealism is not about closed-mindedness and anger; it is about escaping the confines of Newark and finding his way into a larger culture. Eventually, Nathan will drop both of them and move on. There is adultery, Jewish self-hatred, and the exposure of damaging secrets.

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      Under the pressures of domestic misery and political harassment, Ira falls to pieces, and ends his once-glamorous life in destitution, selling minerals to tourists at an abandoned mine. Eve fares little better. All of this is presented as torrid melodrama. How aroused he was, this man whose genius would revamp and revitalise the traditional teaching of Christian theology.

      Four decades after the fact, Murray narrates it from a great distance.

      As the drama escalates, the characters themselves become less arresting. For all their unruliness, they can be summed up in simple formulas.



      He never discovered his life. Fired from the Newark school system for failing to please the House Un-American Activities Committee, he works for years selling vacuum cleaners until he gets his job back. Reflecting on the damages of that era, both Nathan and Murray are in a decidedly tragic mood. If the language of youth is lyrical and hopeful, and the language of middle age tempestuous and full of rage, the language of old age is austere and hard-edged.

      All human choices, Nathan observes, involve a necessary disloyalty. The palliative of a primitive hut.