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Andrew Lang. They have been translated from the modern version written by Sadanami Sanjin The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet. Free Download Romance Gothic Horror. It deals with the internal psychological struggle of its main character, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, who repeatedly encounters someone who is his exact double Free Download Fiction Short Stories. Password Incorrect by Nick Name 25 short, sometimes funny and sometimes mean stories ideal to rediscover the joy of reading a book as shiny and beautiful as a brand new cell phone. A look from a distance at the absurdity of our present day Love Story by Irving Cox Everything was aimed at satisfying the whims of women.

The popular cliches, the pretty romances, the catchwords of advertising became realities; and the compound kept the men enslaved. George knew what he had Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens The lore of ancient Ireland comes to life in this collection of classic folk tales retold for modern readers.

Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link This first collection by award-winning author Kelly Link, takes fairy tales and cautionary tales, dictators and extraterrestrials, amnesiacs and honeymooners, revenants and readers alike, on a voyage into new, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes 8 by Arthur Conan Doyle The last twelve stories written about Holmes and Watson, these tales reflect the disillusioned world of the s in which they were written. It was a happy childhood, during the day.

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A solitary window looked out onto our back garden, nothing out of the ordinary, but even during the day the light which crept into that room seemed almost hesitant. As my brother was given a new bed, I was given the bunk beds which we used to share. While I was upset about sleeping on my own, I was excited at the thought of being able to sleep in the top bunk, which seemed far more adventurous to me.

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From the very first night I remember a strange feeling of unease creeping slowly from the back of my mind. I lay on the top bunk, staring down at my action figures and cars strewn across the green-blue carpet. Something which did not wish to be seen. The bunk was empty, impeccably made with a dark blue blanket tucked in neatly, partially covering two rather bland white pillows.

When you awaken from a deep sleep to something moving, or stirring, it can take a few moments for you to truly understand what is happening. The fog of sleep hangs over your eyes and ears even when lucid. Something was moving, there was no doubt about that. Everything was dark, almost pitch black, but there was enough light creeping in from outside to outline that narrowly suffocating room.

Two thoughts appeared in my mind almost simultaneously. The first was that my parents were in bed because the rest of the house lay both in darkness, and silence. The second thought turned to the noise. A noise which had obviously woken me. As the last cob webs of sleep withered from my mind, the noise took on a more familiar form.

That was it; bed sheets rustling in the dark as if some disturbed sleeper was attempting to get all too comfortable in the bottom bunk. I lay there in disbelief thinking that the noise was either my imagination, or perhaps just my pet cat finding somewhere comfortable to spend the night. Perhaps my mum had checked in on me and the cat had sneaked in to my room then.

Yes, that must have been it. I turned to face the wall, closing my eyes in the vain hope that I could fall back to sleep. As I moved, the rustling noise from underneath me ceased.

I thought that I must have disturbed my cat, but quickly I realised that the visitor in the bottom bunk was much less mundane than my pet trying to sleep, and much more sinister. As if alerted to, and disgruntled by, my presence, the disturbed sleeper began to toss and turn violently, like a child having a tantrum in their bed. I could hear the sheets twist and turn with increasing ferocity. Fear then gripped me, not like the subtle sense of unease I had experienced earlier, but now potent and terrifying.

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My heart raced as my eyes panicked, scanning the almost impenetrable darkness. Read the rest of the creepypasta. Hi, is this Karen Maitland? Oh um… no I uh, your other… I go to community college with Sarah? Oh… Ok wow. Where abouts are you? Can I ask what this is about? Um no… no, not really. She sort of… broke off contact a while ago. That uh… that does sound like her. What do you… missing? For how long? Uh, almost three days. Read the rest of this short story. Long story short, I was married to a loser. I love myself.

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I have a career where I make more than enough money on my own to live comfortably. I know how to use power tools, fix my own car, and google the shit out of anything else that needs to be done. I say what I mean, and expect others to do the same, none of this passive-aggressive nonsense. But he was wrong.

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I needed support. I needed a partner, a friend. Even someone who would see how hard I was working to just keep my head above water. And once I had kids, he was actually more of a burden than a help.

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I spent more time trying to keep them from upsetting him than anything else. When i finally asked him to please leave, everything improved immediately. I could breathe again. I was free of so much dead weight. I was so, so happy to just not-have-him around. It was so much better, I never looked back, and I was ok on my own. Sure, I crawled in to bed every night, feeling ready to collapse at the end of the day.


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Kids are demanding, after all. But I was free. And I was happy. Read the full short story. A favorite amongt a collection of famous Russion stories. Many of the stories are romance driven and this story in particular features a love relationship between a Russian Banker and a young lady.