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Myth 3 : Men and women are equally susceptible to getting injured in a rear-end collision. Fact: Women are twice likely to get injured from whiplash then men. Because of muscle mass and neck circumference.

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Fact: Vehicle collision damage has little to do with human damage, especially whiplash. The acceleration of the occupant when hit from the rear is 2.

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  5. If you are a victim of a rear-end collision and make a claim for personal injuries with the insurance company for the other driver, beware! This is not necessarily true.

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    While cars are designed to handle the low speed impact forces, the human body is not. Teacher Support and Classroom Resources. Safety and Health Initiatives in Education. Health and Safety Courses Online. Regulations and Orders.

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    Workplace Transport Safety Load Securing. Accidents and Behaviour Bullying at Work.

    click Workplace Stress. The Myth: Manual Handling? You mean spending a day being told how to lift up a box?

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    What a waste of time. The Reality: Manual handling training is not mandatory for all staff.