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The bill's author, Sen. Sheila Kuehl, D-Los Angeles, rejects the criticism. I wish there was more help for all students who are harassed and bullied for whatever reason.

I don't think forcing a sexual ethic on young people is a legitimate way to do that. It's a disservice to adolescents to encourage them to attach a word like 'homosexual' or 'transgender' to themselves simply because they are experiencing confusion, isolation or longing for same-sex relationships. And who is going to make sure this information is "accurate?

Don't get me wrong; I don't believe we should omit a certain person's contribution to society because they practiced homosexuality in their private life. But do their contributions stem from their sexuality? I realize many movies, songs and writings which I've enjoyed come from people who were homosexual. I honor that person for the gift God gave them; I don't credit their sexual preference for that gift. Sadly, I've talked and corresponded with many young men who have been led to consider their affinity for art, dance or music as 'homosexual' traits.

It's an indictment against our culture that we pigeonhole the masculinity of young men who are gifted in these beautiful ways. When I was 'coming out,' there were members of the faculty at my school who encouraged me to embrace a homosexual identity, even to experiment sexually. While that gave me some short-term happiness and resolve, it ended up hurting me much more in the long run. Furthermore, Senator Kuehl has already demonstrated a commitment to the radical fringe of the pro-homosexual movement.

She recently sponsored a bill which would have potentially required schools to provide 'gender-neutral' bathrooms and remove 'gender-biased' terms like Mom and Dad from school text books. The interview will address the increased acceptance of homosexuality and other non-Biblical sexual issues in society today. Gay Marriage Advocates Battle in Courts- Two gay California men plan to ask a federal appeals court this week to declare they have a right to marry under the U. Sexual Orientation: When conflict rules the school - For over a decade, parents have warred with gay advocacy groups who want to infuse school curriculum with messages about homosexuality.

The reasoning used to support this was that many parishioners have been abused by men, and are hurt at the description of God as a male, or as a father. Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conference -- which brings the message that there is hope for those who struggle with same-sex attraction -- has seen a phenomenal response in Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo, Spain, during its first visit to the European nation. Mike Haley, director of the gender issues department at Focus on the Family and the conference host, said the international need for the conference -- and its message -- is overwhelming.

They're starving for the truth. Haley said in a country where only 1 percent of the population is evangelical Christian, there is no support for those who question same-sex attraction or have a family member who is homosexual. But under his breath, the pastor said, 'My son struggles with homosexuality and we have no one to talk to about it. Haley encouraged the couple to network with other churches in Spain that have welcomed the message of Love Won Out throughout the week.

The conference team has been in the country for a little over a week, and with just a few days remaining in the journey, the stories of hope and healing are plentiful. His words to me were that, when he heard the message, he was devastated -- in a good way. That young man was introduced to a Christian who wants to help mentor him through the process of overcoming his same-sex attractions.

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Then there is the story of a year-old man who has struggled for years with homosexuality and promiscuity -- hiding his secret life from his friends, family and church. He was so moved by the conference that he asked for help in overcoming his same-sex attractions. Haley said in Spain, where more children are aborted each year than are allowed to live, people are searching for a light in the darkness. One of them was a woman who was a prostitute who had seen a flier about the event and thought, 'Maybe this is something I need to go hear about.

If God can change a homosexual, then maybe he can change me. She said, 'I need a change. I need a new job and I need Jesus. In an amazing "God moment" Haley added, one of the conference organizers had just met someone who works for a job-placement organization. The woman plans to attend tonight's program in Vigo, and said she plans to bring a friend who lives as a transvestite. What is even more interesting is that most conferences usually have a life-span of several years.

Love Won Out started in After 8 years it is not only still growing in number of requests here in the states, they have expanded to Canada and are now getting more and more calls from around the world.

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Technorati Tags: Love Won Out. The rally was part of a project called Battle Cry for a Generation. Its aim is to inspire youth to rebel against the rapidly disintegrating culture of the sexual movement. While the whole theme of a 'Battle Cry' seems a bit strong to some, consider what force it must take for a young person to stand against the onslaught of manipulative, seductive imagery and information thrown in their faces every day. It's gone far beyond R-rated movies and cable shows. Sexually based advertising is harder to avoid than to find.

I won't even get started on the increasingly dangerous sexually permissive message being pushed into public schools.

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Who would admonish these young people for wishing to avoid the disastrous consequences of going the way of MTV? Frisco's Board of Supervisors, that's who. They issued a statement calling the rally an "act of provocation We're the most tolerant city in America. You Christian kids are disgusting; get out. As director of Hope and New Life Ministries, a small Downtown operation based in Redeemer Presbyterian Church, he helps the callers find counselors or directs them to churches with support groups.

This was done through commentaries on a revival of the play, "The Diary of Anne Frank," and another play, "Bent," about the treatment of homosexuals in Nazi prison camps. For instance, "Bent" director Jon Kretzu said in an interview published October 9, "I hope people come to see it, talk about it, because of Measure 9. But they'll see a play. I think it's much more frightening to open up the newspaper the next day and say, 'Oh my God, isn't this what I saw last night on stage?

One was a long article about The City Nightclub, described by the Oregonian as a haven for young people managed by "a homo- sexual male who admits to an attraction to young males" and whose club "is frequented by young males, many of them apparently homosexual. According to Willamette Week, some members, "particularly gay men, balked at condemning pedophilia. One part of Measure 9 that particularly upset homosexuals was a requirement that the Oregon Children's Services Division OCSD ask all adoption and foster-care applicants about their sexual orientation.

Under existing law, the OCSD makes no such inquiries. In an article on the foster care issue, The Oregonian's Michelle Trappen quoted Mabon as stating that homosexuals are not proper role models for children; she wrote that an OCA commercial "implies that children can be recruited into homosexuality. On December 12, , the paper carried an account of the sentencing of an "apologetic former Portland foster parent" on charges of sexually abusing two minor boys.

The judge ruled that the man, Richard H. Smith, 52, was a "sexually dangerous person" and sent him to prison for six years and eight months for 19 sex crimes. The Oregonian story also noted that a case worker for CSD permitted a year-old boy to remain in Smith's custody for six months after he revealed that he had been convicted in New York in for endangering the welfare of a minor. But The Oregonian ignored this case in its "reporting" on Measure 9. The panel consisted of a journalism professor, a retired newspaper editor, and a representative of the "public at large.

Executive Editor Sandra Mims Rowe lamely explained that since the articles ran many months before she joined the paper in mid, she considered them "ancient history. She said it was being alleged that "a personal opinion expressed by one of our news staffers somehow adds up to a newsroom policy.

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The News Council panel declined to review 18 of the complaints which dealt with editorials or columns. Of course, editorial writers and opinion columnists are entitled to give their opinions, but that does not mean that they should be exempt from criticism if they disseminate false information and employ absurd analogies, such as comparing the denial of special rights to gays to the Holocaust.

The Oregonian editorials were indeed "exceedingly vitriolic and exceedingly bitter and derisive in tone" as the OCA charged, but they have the right to clothe their opinions in strong language.