Stolen Legacy: Larceny in Atlanta

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Subject: Theft

The Chittenden County Klan was also begun in During the summer and fall of that year, fiery crosses were seen in Burlington on the breakwater of Lake Champlain, and in many other locations, including hilltops in Caledonia County, in Montpelier, Barre, Plainfield, and East Clarendon. At a state-wide meeting of the Klan at a farm on the outskirts of Montpelier in August , a crowd of spectators and nearly automobiles congregated for festivities which included a fireworks display.

The Vermont Klan promoted themselves as one-hundred percent American and in support of traditional morality. At a meeting in Windsor, on October 17, , approximately men listened to remarks explaining the Klan movement. It was reported that after asking all who were not white Protestants to leave, the main speaker tried to persuade his audience that negroes had a lower standard of morality than white men, that Jews were only interested in business success, and that in predominately Catholic populations, outsiders did not get a square deal.

In Bethel, in August , a divorced woman and a male boarder she had taken in received Klan letters accusing them of living immorally and warning the boarder to move out or be punished with tar and feathers.

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Catholics in Montpelier were the targets of cross burnings at their cemetery and on the steps of the Catholic church. The town of Rutland passed an ordinance outlawing parades or meetings in the streets by hooded or masked individuals or organizations. In Burlington, aldermen passed an ordinance prohibiting the wearing of masks in public.

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Several newspapers denounced Klan activities. The Bellows Falls Times criticized local Klan organizing efforts, warning that economic prosperity in town could not thrive on a foundation of community distrust. Many Klan members were respected by other whites and were religiously-inclined citizens. Similar to the South, bible reading, prayer, and hymn singing were staples of Vermont Klan meetings, and for some members, it replaced Sunday church services. Others apparently saw the Klan as primarily a social and fraternal organization.

Cars stolen from Atlanta valet

One husband and wife in South Barre joined the Klan because a good friend who recruited them promised, in the bargain, that he and his wife would join the Grange. For still others, it offered a diversion from dull routine. Hole — directed by Martin Edralin, Canada, A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him. The torment of an ancestral need. The uncontrollable passion that corrodes he who desires. A construction worker selling a turtle on the road winds up at the country studio of a potential customer who has another offer in mind. Charlotte — directed by Angel Kristi Williams, USA, Excited to have befriended the popular girl at school, Alex will do anything to stay in her good graces. When her new friend wants to play house, Alex innocently plays along and develops feelings she doesn't understand. Knightsville — directed by Aly Migliori, USA, In returning home to celebrate a Catholic feast, a young woman faces a family that now feels foreign and a culture she no longer understands.

Skunk — directed by Annie Silverstein, USA, When her pit bull is stolen by an amateur dog fighter, year-old Leila is forced to stand up for herself, at the cost of her own innocence. Spring Primavera — directed by Tania Castillo, Mexico, Elba, an introverted and lonely fourteen-year-old teenager, lives with her sister Fernanda and their absent mother. Fernanda's decision to run away causes Elba to rethink their relationship.

Artemis Falls — directed by Eliza McNitt, USA, Commanding the world's most ambitious space launch to date, Aiden Collins has eight-and-a-half minutes to successfully maneuver the shuttle Artemis into orbit on man's first ever solo mission to the moon. Burnt Grass — directed by Ray Wong, Canada, Sally and Jack, a young couple in the city, discover a strange phenomenon in their backyard that duplicates organic life.

Sally quickly envisions its wild possibilities, while Jack suffers its consequences. Myrna the Monster — directed by Ian Samuels, USA, A heart-broken alien dreamer from the moon transitions into adult life in Los Angeles like any other something-year-old. In their own selfishness they exploit the camera, only to discover what horrible past it hides.

Resting Place — directed by Kristjian Knigge, Netherlands, A terrible accident leaves former dancer Julia paralysed and confined to a wheelchair. What could be nicer than being taken for a gentle walk in the woods? Slut — directed by Chloe Okuno, USA, A naive young girl becomes the target of a murderous sociopath when she attempts to reinvent herself to impress the boys in her small Texas town. Set to music by Hoagy Carmichael. Bear Story — directed by Gabriel Osorio, Chile, An old bear tells us his life story using a tin marionette theater he created.

Frog's Legs — directed by Katie Tamboer, USA, A dopey frog must escape from a crazy, one-eyed witch who wants to cut off his legs for a beauty potion. The Present — directed by Jacob Frey, Germany, Jake spends most of his time playing video games indoors until his mom gives him an intriguing present. The short film tells of his birth, his conquests, and his legacy. Presented with the opportunity to kill a man who's killed so many, he discovers his foe is not so different from him after all.

When a neighbor says he's seen Alexis with another girl, Leidi sets out to find him. La Noche Buena — directed by Alex Mallis, Cuba, A second-generation Cuban-American travels to Cuba for the first time to reconnect with his past, but only alienates himself further. Transformed by her favorite liverwurst sandwiches, and unstopped by her boisterous clumsiness, she becomes the superhero Liverwurst Girl, sworn protector of bullied kids.

In the Coat's Pocket — directed by Marco Di Gerlando , Spain, Luke is an introverted child whose only friends are King Benjamin and the squire Spartacus, two puppets with whom he must defend his small kingdom from the arrival of cruel Princesses. Lessons Learned — directed by Toby Froud , USA, When curiosity gets the best of a young boy on his birthday, he falls into an adventure of other-worldly experiences not intended for him. The Never Bell — directed by Emily Lobsenz , USA, Inspired by Appalachian folklore, The Never Bell uses live puppetry and mixed media animations to explore the naive wonders and crooked chimeras of an innocent imagination awakening.

Table Manners — directed by Rebecca Manley , United Kingdom, Three creatures go in search of food in the woods and discover there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Under the Sand — directed by Alex U.

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Griffin , USA, A woman encounters a mysterious coyote in the desert as she searches for something from her past. But now she must face a much scarier challenge: her family. As a repeat offender of emotional injury, Robye's homecoming leads us to wonder if there is space for the sobriety of forgiveness. News Events Shop Alumni. Narrative Features Aerobics: A Love Story directed by Anders Rune Sweden, , Swedish, 77 minutes Maria, a mentally challenged woman who lives with her overprotective sister, falls in love with Janne, an awkward man who struggles to get his show on television.

Drown directed by Dean Francis Australia, , English, 93 minutes Len is a surfing legend in the community. Female Pervert directed by Jiyoung Lee USA, , English, 63 minutes Poised but assertive, Phoebe struggles through a series of relationships that escalate nicely until her unusual perversions rise to the surface. God Bless the Child directed by Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck USA, , English, 92 minutes An often overwhelmed teenager Harper Graham tends to the needs of her four younger brothers, all of whom spend the day challenging each other in games of strength and burgeoning masculinity.

Good Grief Suicide Hotline directed by Sam Carter USA, , English, 86 minutes Mark Reynolds, a young, innocent college student, volunteers in a crisis counseling center staffed with ex-cons and oddballs. Love and Mercy directed by Bill Pohlad USA, , English, minutes The life of reclusive Beach Boys songwriter and musician Brian Wilson, from his successes with highly-influential orchestral pop albums to his nervous breakdown and subsequent encounter with controversial therapist Dr. Expressing a father's love, Uncle Brodie provides clear strategies for View Product.

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My ultimate goal with my books, including this one is to open people eyes about My ultimate goal with my books, including this one is to open people eyes about the biggest scandal of all times, which is religions. Jesus told his apostles that they have received freely and they have to give freely.

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A Hermit's Secret. A Hermit's Secret tells the story of a lifelong friendship that forms between a mysterious A Hermit's Secret tells the story of a lifelong friendship that forms between a mysterious hermit and a high school boy. The hermit, who appears in a rural community of southern Greece with only a guitar, is a total enigma to Hunter of Sherwood: The Red Hand. Guy of Gisburne, knight and agent to Prince John, is all that stands between England Guy of Gisburne, knight and agent to Prince John, is all that stands between England and anarchy, fighting a shadow battle to protect the kingdom from those who would destroy it.

Returning to England after foiling a plot to destroy Jerusalem, Lost Paradise. Sheluna is strong and wise beyond her twenty years, and she is ready to assume Sheluna is strong and wise beyond her twenty years, and she is ready to assume her role as the next high priestess of Holy Ground. She has all the qualities of a great leader-she is open-minded, spirited, and courageous. New Harbors New Hopes. An important part of early North American history began with the word of an Icelandic An important part of early North American history began with the word of an Icelandic sailor who claimed that after being blown off course, he had sighted a new land through thick fog.

Greenland cheiftain, Eric the Red and his