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She is dedicated to efforts to provide access to career advancement and professional development opportunities. As a panelist or sole speaker on the topics of opportunities in tech, women in tech, empowerment and leadership, Shonna enjoys candidly sharing her experiences including successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way to hopefully inspire listeners to reach beyond any self- or otherwise imposed limitations.

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Bryan Gill is an all around great guy and a real pleasure to have on our podcast. For more information on Bryan, you can visit his website or email him at bryan pixelayn. Thank you for listening to this professional development event. The audio for this episode is "best available" at the time. You can count on our next event to be live streamed with video and pro audio gear.

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Thanks for listening and subscribing! Teacher - Timothy teaches MBA classes and - backed by certification in project management - assists with project management issues, allowing him to delve into both practice and theory. Project Management Consultant - Timothy successfully has led many high end projects and programs, serving as both a project management consultant as well as a business analyst consultant, not only in the Des Moines area but across the U. Timothy believes in delivering value, completing the deliverable, seizing the accomplishment, and getting out.

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He has little patience for consultants who burrow in for the long-haul i. Noteworthy keynote and event speaker. Drivers Passion and Balance. Passion for what works. Passion for creativity. Passion for accomplishment. Passion for solid leadership. Balance among my family, my faith, and my career.

Aversions Indecisive leadership. Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force seized computers and electronic storage devices from several offices at Shattuck Ave.

The raid raises a number of legal issues, Granick said, including the sworn statement used by campus Detective Bill Kasiske to get a search warrant, which failed to mention that the Long Haul offices housed several organizations including a publication—which is entitled to special protections under federal law. The presence of the Slingshot, a quarterly tabloid newsletter, raises questions under the federal Privacy Protection Act, which gives special legal status to organizations that disseminate information to the public, said the EFF attorney. Attorneys for the Long Haul are now deciding what their next steps will be.

The raiders removed locks from several doors, including those of offices housing Slingshot and East Bay Prisoner Support, a group which works with inmates. At that time, Worthington will request City Manager Phil Kamlarz to present the document to the public and city officials. Councilmembers could then hold a discussion on the draft, Worthington said, and could vote to approve the ordinance or parts of it. Gene Bernardi of SuperBOLD suggested that a charter amendment might be more appropriate since it would give more power to the sunshine committee instead of the city manager.

Worthington said it was vital that the group get an expert to provide statistics about how much it would cost to implement different sections of the ordinance, since those who opposed it could dismiss the ordinance as being too expensive.

So we need to know how it will be financed. Metzger said a powerful ordinance would save citizens money since they would be able to get information from the city without having to sue, which often costs tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Berkeley City Councilmember Laurie Capitelli can rest easy. Sophie Hahn has decided not to ask for a recount. Backed by an impressive list of endorsements and a hefty campaign war chest, Hahn, a political newcomer, waged a tough battle against the incumbent District 5 councilmember. Sunday, the latest tally from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters office.

She had been thinking of a recount until later returns showed the gap widening.

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Only a 5 percent margin separated the two, a close race when one of the candidates is a well-known incumbent. She said she will continue to press for a strong city sunshine ordinance, while pushing to make government more open and accessible to the community. Hahn said she would also pay close attention to the progress of plans for a new Safeway store being developed to replace the existing outlet at Shattuck Avenue and Rose Street. An attorney and neighborhood activist, Hahn said she believed that she attracted a larger number of committed voters than her opponent.

While Capitelli carried the endorsements of many of his council colleagues and was listed on most of the slate mailings, Hahn said her votes came from people she had met or spoken to, as well as from word-of-mouth recommendations and study of campaign literature. All I know is that I got enough votes to win.

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And cool. Chang chose not to run for re-election this year. That volunteer work helped overcome a Hamill advantage in televised advertising, one of the first times local voters have seen such ads in a City Council election.

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Kaplan said that the television ads were financially possible for both candidates because cable television allows a targeted ad buy for the Oakland market alone, something not possible for broadcast television, where ads must be purchased at a much higher rate for viewing in all of the Bay Area. The ads for the two campaigns were identical in one respect—while praising their own candidate, each avoided criticizing the opponent. Kaplan said that her next job will be to set up a transition team to prepare for her joining the Oakland City Council in January.

By a In Berkeley, voters decisively rejected Measure KK by a While the legislature passed a budget last August for fiscal year , gloomy economic forecasts that have since been released have caused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to call a special legislative session to make substantial budget revisions. The VLF became a hot political topic in the recall election against former Governor Gray Davis, and Schwarzenegger abolished it as one of his first acts as governor. Leaving the dedication of street lanes to a vote of the people was just crazy.

At many public meetings in recent months, BRT critics have attacked some of the plans and proposals outlined in the DEIR, but Peeples said that AC Transit planners have made significant alterations and mitigations in response to public input since the DEIR was originally published. The problem of public perception about BRT, he said, is that those changes are not reflected in any public document. Peeples estimated that the final EIR is not due to be released for another nine months or a year. In fact, you can promote a disservice to them by promoting a bus that they hate. I want to change AC Transit from an agency which serves the needs a foreign bus manufacturer and, instead, serves the needs of its bus riders and operators.

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Serving on the board seemed to be an effective way to do that especially by removing the biggest obstacle to that change. But I am not going to quit in my effort to change AC Transit. I have more arrows in my quiver, but I will need to call on you to help. Traditionally, mid-year reductions have been very difficult for school districts to make, said some members of the Berkeley Board of Education, since schools have to cut into their mid-year reserves and look at ways of tightening spending.

I think the governor will find that out when he goes to the Legislature.

follow url Some other solution needs to be there. School Board Vice President Nancy Riddle said that structurally mid-year cuts were very tough for school districts. We will see what that looks like. The governor called for a 1. Community members will get a chance to comment at two scheduled meetings on the Citywide Pools Master Plan, which is being developed by the City of Berkeley and the Berkeley Unified School District over the next six months.

A member task force, assisted by architecture and pool experts, is behind the development of the master plan which will address citywide needs and interests related to existing pools and aquatic programs. A second community workshop will be held on Wednesday, Nov. The third and final public workshop will be held on Jan.