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The movement reached its heyday in the mid s, in parallel with other similar movements in Europe and elsewhere. In common with those movements, the feral phenomenon can be seen as part of the wider counterculture.

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The feral movement is strongly associated with radical environmentalism and a communal lifestyle, with many members residing on multiple occupancy properties. In common with the hippies before them, many members of the feral movement rely on a system of crash pads , squats , and extended networks of "friends of friends" throughout Australia to travel with a minimum of financial outlay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Australian subculture. For other uses, see Feral.

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Going feral: authentica on the edge of Australian culture. We make them as affordable as we can to make herbal healthcare a viable everyday, longterm and lifetime option. Most of the herbs used in these creations are grown and harvested by us.

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A few are grown and harvested by folks we know around the country. All menstruums and additional ingredients are sourced as ethically as possible. Many of these remedies are seasonal and limited edition.

  • AUSGEWANDERT - Mein Leben in Thailand (German Edition).
  • CliffsNotes on Kingsolvers The Poisonwood Bible;
  • Jonathan Lethem: ‘I’ve always thought of myself as a dark writer, but this is utterly different’!

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We send it out about 8 times a year. Feral Gardens.

About Us Feral Gardens is a small medicinal herb and market vegetable farm in the mountains of northeastern New Mexico. The Feral Harvest Here are remedies that taste good!

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