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When accompanying the carriage on visits no "furious arriving" is permitted. Small sharp knocks to the door are preferred to exaggerated behaviour which brings no credit to the Family. At eleven o'clock precisely tea is served in the Servants' Hall.

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The Butler will have just had his daily meeting with the Master of the house, so you should await any specific orders from him. At a quarter-past eleven you must resume your duties. You must collect the china and linen for the Luncheon table from the Housekeeper and the plate from the Butler so that you can lay the Dining room table.

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At Midday Dinner in served in the Servants' Hall. Afternoon Duties You must attend the Butler's inspection of the Family's Luncheon table at a quarter-to one, so that you have time to make any alterations he feels are required.

At one o'clock you and the Butler will serve Luncheon to the Family in the Dining Room, possibly with the assistance of the Second Footman depending upon how many people are dining. You are responsible for clearing the table after the Family's Luncheon and cleaning the glass and plate as before with the assistance of the Second Footman. The glass and plate should be checked back undamaged by the Butler. The duty for answering the door in the afternoon is to be organised by the Butler on a rotation basis between himself, yourself and the Second Footman. This will allow each of you a certain amount of leisure time between half-past two and four o'clock.

The Footman, Mayfair

However, you must always be available for duty should any Family members require you to run errands or accompany them on visits, or coach rides. Tea is served in the Servants' Hall at four o'clock. At five o'clock you or the Second Footman must bring Afternoon Tea to the Family in the Drawing room, they may require you to serve them, or prefer to serve themselves. In either instance you must remain in attendance should they require any further assistance.

After tea you must clean and put away any glass or plate used, with again the Butler checking that it is return undamaged.

You must then change into your full evening livery. At six o'clock you should collect the table linen and china from the Housekeeper, and plate from the Butler so that you can lay the table for Dinner.


The Butler will assist you to fold the Dinner napkins. At seven o'clock you must act as Valet to the eldest son when he is at home, before attending the Butler's inspection of the Dinner table at a quarter-to eight.

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At eight o'clock you must wait on the Family at Dinner. You must clear the table after Dinner and clean the plate and glass, under the Butler's supervision. And if in a land of peace thou thinkest thyself in security, how wilt thou then do in the swelling of the Jordan? Even in the land of peace, [In which] thou art confident -- And how dost thou in the rising of Jordan! And though in a land of peace thou art secure, yet how wilt thou do in the thickets of the Jordan?

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Bible commentary Click here to view. Wesley's Notes for Jeremiah If - If thou art not able to encounter lesser dangers, how wilt thou be able to overcome greater? I have greater dangers for thee to encounter than those at Anathoth; if thou art so disturbed with them, how wilt thou be able to grapple with those at Jerusalem.

Jordan - Anathoth seems to be understood by the land of thy peace, that is, the land of thy friends wherein thou hadst a confidence: if thy enemies there tire thee, what wilt thou do in the swellings of Jordan?

In a place in which thou art like to meet with greater troubles, like the swelling of Jordan which in harvest used to overflow its banks. Discussion for Jeremiah Click here to view.

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Prophetess Nicola for verse 5. Verse 5 shows me that there are things in the land contending with us and trying to go ahead and weary us. Joel Price for verse 5. Verse 6 compliments verse 5 but to me God was asking Jeremiah if you are struggling when things are at peace Tokasa Buinimasi for verse 5.