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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 21, Melinda rated it liked it Shelves: A brisk read offering history, plenty of adventure with enough suspense to enthrall the reader, a sweet romance plucking at your heart strings.

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The two main characters are intriguing, Breagha with her olfactory gift along with her faithful canines stir interest from the start. Somerled, all warrior but a softness surrounds his heart. Their draw to each other is unmistakable, you cross your fingers and hope for the best for the twosome soul mates. Loads of action surrounds these two, never dull wi A brisk read offering history, plenty of adventure with enough suspense to enthrall the reader, a sweet romance plucking at your heart strings.

Loads of action surrounds these two, never dull with activity abundant. Doherty captures the surroundings, historical points, as well as cleverly inserting paranormal interest along with tangled romance blending into a page turner. Quick read piquing your curiosity as to the final outcome of the magical potential union of Breagha and Somerled. Will these two soul mates join?

The Scent of Her Soul

Discover for yourself View 2 comments. Feb 14, Sophia Kimble rated it it was amazing. Being a descendant of Somerled and a member of Clan Donald, when I read the blurb about Scent of the Soul, it grabbed my attention to say the least. I wondered how Ms. Doherty was going to take Somerled, the half Norse, half Gael iconic figurehead of our clan and turn him into a flesh and blood character with thoughts, feelings, hopes, and desires of a real flesh and blood man.

Well, Ms. Doherty has delivered. Scent of the Soul takes you back to the days when Somerled was building what would become The Lordship of the Isles in Scotland. She stays true to actual historical timelines, places, and people while weaving in a magical tale of fated love, paranormal events, and duty that leaves you ignoring what you thought you had to do until you turn the last page. I was on the edge of my seat hating Ms.

Doherty and loving her at the same time while I anxiously read on praying for love to prevail. Feb 05, Ana Martins rated it it was amazing.


Cannot wait for Julie's next book. Highly recommended! Jun 16, Jeanne Johnston rated it it was ok. The whole fallen angel religious thing--which quickly overshadowed the story--actually kind of ruined it for me. Can't accuse this of being an historical romance like every other. Indeed, it's less romance than frustrating and depressing. Luckily, the promise of redemption at the end reduces the urge to wallow in despair after having read this.

Mar 09, The Lit Bitch rated it liked it. There was a lot going on for me in this book. Lots of locations and cultures coming together…. I know next to nothing about early barbarian history so the whole Vikings, Scottish clans, Irish history was a little lost on me.

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I found it distracting that there were two conflicting cultures and histories competing here. For me, I would have just stuck with one group: Irish, Vikings or Scots. Because of all this mixing of cultures and There was a lot going on for me in this book.

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Because of all this mixing of cultures and genres, I felt a little lost in the story at times. I think the author needs to limit the scope a little and really focus on developing the central story. The whole relationship between the characters was difficult for me to justify. I thought it was strange how they just saw each other and boom they were in love. I believe in love at first sight but in the case it seemed more like lust at first sight and there is a difference for me.

I would have been fine if he saw her and lusted after her and then fell in love with her or if he loved her from the moment he saw her and then passively mentioned his desire for her. But in this situation it seemed like the author used love and lust interchangeably. Individually the characters were interesting. Somerled was a great brooding hero, I felt that his despair and conflict about his feelings for Breagha were justified.

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Though this novel was a little rough around the edges, I did enjoy the story and the characters enough to keep reading. Overall, I would classify it as an ok read. With a little refining I think it could be great! See my full review here Apr 02, Liza rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed Julie Doherty's Scent of the Soul. This book had me glued throughout, never wanting to stop to do those mundane things like sleeping and eating. Historically correct, I believe, but at the same time exciting, intriguing and full of suspense.

We are with Breagh throughout her ups and downs, and feel that she is one of our friends. You want to step in and help her.

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My husband thought I'd gone mad when I started telling Somerlad how stupid he was! I couldn't believe the turmoil that Breagh endured, and how she managed to remain so strong, she is a role model for us all. I'm not sure that some of what Breagh goes through is entirely historical, or just artistic license. Some parts seemed more fantasy than fact to me, this didn't detract from the underlying story though, instead added to it. My one gripe - the sudden ending! It just stopped, and right at a key point too, almost like Julie got bored and decided to publish as is.

I would like to believe this was to leave an opening for a sequel, I hope there is one and soon please. Feb 05, Clara Schlegel rated it it was amazing. One of those 'can't put it down' books. It is the story of a people, time and place that beg not to be forgotten.

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What better way to accomplish the aforementioned task than through history laced with romance. Doherty skillfully weaves the history and romance so tightly together that neither detracts from the other. Apr 30, InD'tale Magazine rated it really liked it Shelves: may , genre-historical , ratingstar. This book offers a sublime mix of history and suspense, and leaves the reader on the edge of their seat for the entire book. Read full review in the May issue of InD'tale Magazine. May 27, Amy rated it liked it.

Utter shite but I still cried at the end. Nov 06, Loretta Gabriel rated it it was amazing. Very entertaining and enjoyable reading This is a really great story of folk lore that is sure to keep you entertained. The author has written a very interesting story of an earlier time that is very good reading. Aug 09, Ann rated it it was ok. Fascinating concept This book has a fascinating concept that the author develops, covering from eternity past to present. That part of the book was intriguing. There was good action in it. Part of the storyline I had trouble tracking hence the two stars.

Jul 09, Frances Lemen rated it did not like it. Did not like Paranormal is not my thing.